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Interpreting services

We provide all types of oral Russian translation services in Russian-English and Russian-Spanish language pairs.

We also have a wide network of professional interpreters and translators who work with other languages. Please do not hesitate to contact us even if you need an interpreter or translator of other language.

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Our interpreting services:

Simultaneous interpretation is usually performed by two interpreters sitting in a soundproof booth and working interchangeably. The delegates listen to translation into the language they need through special receivers with headphones. It is mostly used at events with a lot of participants, often with several working languages or in situations when it is of ultimate importance to save time or maintain the speed of communication. It also suits for business negotiations.
Consecutive interpretation means that the interpreter speaks after the speaker who makes pauses in their speech. It suits for events where there is no need or possibility to organize simultaneous interpretation as well as for situations when the client needs the interpreter’s sociocultural competence in addition to interpreting service itself. This type of interpretation suits for business meetings, round tables, exhibitions, negotiations, speeches, telephone and skype conversations.
Whispering interpretation (chuchotage) means that the interpreter whispers the translation into the client's ear simultaneously with the speaker. Sometimes a mobile equimpent is used by the interpreter who is in this case situated at a short distance from a group of people he is interpreting for. Chuhotage is used for small events or cases when only a couple of participants need interpretation. It suits for seminars, presentations, meetings, buisiness talks.
Accompanying/escort interpreting is an service you may need during your visit to Moscow or another city in Russia or worldwide on business or with another purpose that implies your communication with Russian speaking people. It can be combined with other interpreting services.

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