• Over 15 years of active practice
  • On-line 24/7
  • Direct communication with the client

You Speak – We interpret – Your succeed

Welcome to our group of interpreters in Moscow. By the moment, there are two of us - Viktoria Voloshina and Veronica Belousova – professional interpreters working with two language pairs, English-Russian-English and Spanish-Russian-Spanish.

We have built this website to meet you – professionals who need a qualified interpreter for their business with Russian speakers in Moscow, Russia or any other part of the world. We provide all types of linguistic services, including consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, chouchotage, accompanying in business trips. Our top priority is always your success, that is why we do not just perform a thorough translation, but create a smooth communication between you and your partners, always taking into account cultural and sociolinguistic differences that you might not be aware of, but we absolutely are.

  • Simultaneous interpretingin booths for conferences, forums, congresses

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  • Online interpretingat web-conferences, talks, webinars

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  • Consecutive interpretationin business meetings, presentations, talks

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  • Liaison interpretingyour personal interpreter in Russia and worldwide

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Our strengths

20 years of experience

We have worked in a lot of industries and your subject matter is mostly likely to be among them. On the contrary, over more than 20 years we have learnt to study new domains promptly and focusing on the task set.

We work direct

We have no agents or secretaries. You talk all the details directly with your future interpreter. This enables us to get the best idea of what exactly you need and focus our preparation process while you receive a chance to meet in advance (by phone or by skype) the interpreter that will become a part of your team.

Russian interpreters who feel English and Spanish

We feel English and Spanish from inside being native Russian speakers. We know how to transfer your ideas into the target language so that your interlocutors hear exactly what you want to tell them.

We hear our clients

Interpretating services may be provided in different ways that depend on the real situation. Some clients may feel happy to delegate all the linguistic part of the event, others will only need the interpretation itself. We listen to our clients and hear them and work as one team.


When we work at your project, you can rely on us at any time. We know that you may need interpretation not only in agreed hours and do our best to meet all your needs.

Wide professional network

In case if we cannot work at a particular event of yours, we will always recommend our colleague and it will be a guaranteed professional. We value our clients and only pass them to those interpreters and translators whom we know personally and have heard or seen working.

The more materials provided the higher the final quality

We react fast

We know that sometimes you may need urgent interpreting services and we are always flexible. However, we ask you to bear in mind that the earlier you order our services the more time we have to get prepared and study you specific event. The more we know the better our work together will be.

We can work without any information at all

However, the more reference materials you provide, the higher the quality of our services will be. Please, remember: no human being can know everything.

100% confidentiality

This is part of the professional ethics for us. We are also willing to sign any additional confidentiality documents should there be such a need.