• Over 15 years of active practice
  • On-line 24/7
  • Direct communication with the client


Whispered interpretation, or chuchotage, is usually used along with consecutive interpretation in situations with the majority of participants speak one language while one or two speak another one. For example, you are having a meeting with a group of Russian-speaking people from a Russian company. Everybody will need interpretation of your words into Russian (consecutive interpretation), but only you will need translation into English. To save time, you may opt for chuchotage service for you when your interpreter will be simultaneously whispering into your ear the translation of what your Russian partners will be saying and talking out loud interpreting your words into Russian. Whispering interpreting can also be performed with the use of mobile equipment. The interpreter here will be situated at a short distance from the group of clients who can listen to the translation via earphones.

Best suited for:

Business meetings, talks
Presentations, trainings


  • We will discuss all the details in advance;
  • We will agree on the interpretation technique;
  • We are flexible and adapt quickly to changing circumstances.
Over 15 years of experience
We have worked with a lot of topics and yours is most likely to be within our expertise. However, in case it is not, in over 15 years of active practice we have learnt to acquire new fields of knowledge fast and effectively.
Russian interpreters who feel English and Spanish
We feel English and Spanish from the inside even though we are native Russian speakers. We know how to transfer your ideas into the target language so that your interlocutors hear exactly what you want to tell them.
We work without intermediaries
We have no agents or secretaries. You negotiate all the details directly with your future interpreter. This gives us an understanding of what exactly you need so that we can focus our efforts on assisting you to attain your goals. Meanwhile you have a chance to meet the interpreter that will become part of your team in advance (by phone or Skype).
Wide professional network
If it so happens that we cannot work at a particular event of yours ourselves, we will always recommend our colleague that will be a guaranteed professional. We value our clients and give references of only those interpreters and translators whom we know personally and have heard or seen working.


Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us or leave your contact details in the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

+7 (915) 008-39-61welcome@vv-team.ru


The figures below are given for reference only. The final cost of interpretation may vary.

Half a day (up to 4 hours)

250 EUR

Full day (up to 8 hours)

500 EUR

Extra hour

45 EUR

How we work

We are customer-focused and therefore prefer to discuss your project individually. However, there are some points we would like to tell you about in advance.

Reference materials = success
The earlier the interpreter receives reference materials and the more complete they are, the higher the quality of interpretation will be. Please, bear in mind that no human being can know everything. Even the most experienced interpreter always gets prepared for the job. If you do not provide any materials, we have to prepare using the available information (name of your organization, name and theme of the event, etc). Materials increase the efficiency of the preparation process and therefore contribute to a better result.

In case you need whispering interpretation outside Moscow
On top of the interpretation fees, you also cover travel expenses of the interpreter (for more information, please see accompanying interpretation services)


- Our services are usually contract-based. To sign a contract we can use either your template or ours. We can also draft a special contract customized to your particular needs and event if that is required.

- We are flexible in terms of payment forms that are subject to agreement depending on the project.

- 100% confidentiality is part of our professional ethics. However we are ready to sign an NDA if you need it.

Do you have any other questions?

Please feel free to contact us or leave your contact details in the form below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


«Gazprom Neft Equatorial B.V.»
Letter of reference
I am pleased to recommend Ms. Viktoria Voloshina as a professional translator and interpreter. Her perfect knowledge of the Spanish language and the culture of the Spanish-speaking people ensure that communication between parties is always fluid and flawless. During all our negotiations and business trips I and my team were absolutely sure we would not have any difficulties in understanding our partners. Viktoria is a disciplined person ready to work almost 24/7, all this without affecting quality of the interpretation she is performing.

For all this I would highly recommend Viktoria for all kinds of translations and interpretations. If any questions regarding this recommendation, please, do not hesitate to contact me at gpnequatorial@mail.ru.
Dr. Dmitry Borisov
Managing Director A
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Jefe de la Delegación, Puerto Rico.
17 de agosto de/ año 2013
Por la presente deseo informar que la Srta. Viktoria Voloshina fue la intérprete de la delegación de Puerto Rico en el Campeonato Mundial del Atletismo (IAAF) celebrado en Moscú del 5 al 17 del presente año. Dentro de su encomienda como traductora de nuestra delegación realizó diferentes gestiones tanto administrativas, guía turística, traducción y comunicaciones. Fue muy profesional en su trato tanto para los miembros de la IAAF como nuestros atletes, delegados y entrenadores. Deseo felicitarla por su gran aportación tanto profesional como humanitaria en que dos culturas pudieran comunicarse con toda claridad.

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