• Over 15 years of active practice
  • On-line 24/7
  • Direct communication with the client

“I am fortunate to be an interpreter and help people understand each other, bridge the gaps between languages and cultures, strike deals and reach consensus”.

Veronica Belousova

My interpreting career started while I was still studying at Moscow State Linguistics University back in 2002. My first project was World Book Fairs in Moscow, Leipzig, Sharjah and Montevideo where I worked as a consecutive interpreter with the delegation of Publishing Programs of Moscow Government. After receiving a degree in languages (English, Spanish) in 2005 I stayed at the University to teach English to future interpreters, PR-specialists and journalists. In 2007 I embarked on and successfully completed a course of simultaneous interpretation to become a conference interpreter. Many years’ experience and a diverse range of customers have given me a chance to hone my interpreting skills and to acquire negotiating skills to ensure seamless communication, work at a high level and face various challenges.

I have worked with Russian and multinational private and public companies, the Russian Federation Parliament and Ministers and such international organizations as UNESCO, UNIDO, UNESCAP and BRICS.

My expertise embraces technical areas and IT, economy and finance, politics and international relations. I am always eager to learn and to master new fields of knowledge.

I can also act as a consulting interpreter gathering teams of conference interpreters to work at large projects. I love working in teams and coping with organizational tasks.

I am happy to take on challenges and to find the best interpretation solutions for my clients.

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